How it started

I was 19 years old when I took part in a 3-week outdoor experiential education trip in Big Bend National Park in Texas. We hiked 14 miles a day, ran out of food because we were city kids and didn’t know how to properly plan our menus, and did a 3 day canoe trip down Santa Elena Canyon. I remember the moment the guide told me to lay back in my boat and watch the canyon go by.
I fell in love with the River in that moment.

Trust the flow

This initial experience led to a 15-year career guiding commercial trips on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and on other rivers around the world, a B.S. in Environmental Science and Hydrology, and a Masters in Environmental Management and Planning. I spent many years consulting on large-scale environmental efforts and river restoration projects, and supported the growth of a healthy rivers and oceans program at a major family foundation.

In addition to my environmental and scientific work, I have served on the board of many local, national and international organizations. I am passionate about meditation and wellness and have been blessed to work with world leaders and top teachers in these fields.

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